Robert Forster

San Francisco, Great American Music Hall, 10th September 2008

Something For Myself
Girl Lying on a Beach
Love Is A Sign
From Ghost Town
If It Rains
The Evangelist
Dive for Your Memory
Demon Days
Iím Allright
Too Much Of One Thing
Born To A Family
Head Full Of Steam
Surfing Magazines
Draining the Pool
German Farmhouse
Darlinghurst Nights
Did She Overtake You?
Spring Rain
Here Comes A City
He Lives My Life
Heart Out To Tender
I Can Do @
Don't Talk To Strangers
Robert Forster vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
Adele Pickvance bass, vocals
Glenn Thompson acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, @drums
Matthew Harrison drums
Thanks to E Weidermeier and to Cory Ferber for the setlist